Taeer Bar-Yam (taeer.bar-yam.me)

Taeer's programming career started in C and Perl, and even though he has learned more sane languages since, this original sin has left an indelible mark on the rest of his programming. Do not look at some of the MAR1D macros, especially the menu code, if you want to retain your sanity.

Owen Lynch (owenlynch.org)

Owen has an attention span of about a week, so after setting up the compilation of MAR1D and thinking a lot about how to do parsing in a clean and elegant way, he kind of wandered off and has since not contributed very much. That being said, he's saved Taeer's butt a number of times by calling him out on his bullshit and knowing weird things about linux. He is also responsible for the ridiculous prose on this website.

Sophie Galowitz (sophiegalowitz.com)

Sophie enjoys corporate trappings, so we are billing her as the "design consultant" on MAR1D. Sophie's ability to utilize color has enabled us to execute on our dreams for MAR1D. Sophie's contributions and creative marketing have been instrumental in driving traffic, revenue, and sales.

Yavni Bar-Yam (yavni.org)

Yavni wears many hats, both in life and in the context of single-dimensional video games. He provided a countercultural counterbalance to Sophie's gung-ho corporate stance for the aesthetics of MAR1D. It is also due to Yavni that this game came to be called "MAR1D", rather than the austere "fp_mario", (First-Person Mario), a name that only a programmer could love.